Episode 56 – On Becoming A God In Central Florida

This week we breakdown Showtime’s dark comedy On Becoming a God in Central Florida. We talk about how pop culture is working to reconcile with working class grievances like pyramid schemes, we try to connect the dots between hustle culture, and talk about Kirsten Dunst’s career pivot.  So invest all your money in an MLM we hear it’s a good idea. (please don’t)

Episode 51 – The Righteous Gemstones

We’re back! This week we did HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones. We try to figure out if this is a response to Trump’s America, how ironic memes play a role, and our experience with superstar Jesus pimp Joel Osteen. So open up the doors of your mega church and let us in, there’s a hurricane outside.

Episode 50 Part 3 – The Wire

The last part of episode 50 is on The Wire with Gab Chabran! Of course it’s one of the headiest episodes we’ve ever done. We read a great book on the show called All the Piece Matter, it’s an oral history from all involved in the show. We talk about some great stuff, how the police brutality factors into the convo about the show, how Omar is a metaphor for the show, and David’s uncompromising attitude with the show.  It’s a long one but a good one.

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